HIA IoT, Wi-Fi 6

Hamad International Airport Wi-Fi Upgrade – Qatar

Design and build of Wi-Fi 6 and IoT solution for one of world's best Airport to ensure high speed wireless services, geo-location-based services, user analytics, smooth gateway system for guests with enhanced digital user experience supporting IoT rollout. The major solution components includes Cisco Wi-Fi 6 Components, Antlabs guest portal management with Omnihub platform for enabling smooth flow of authentication powered by Pointer’s geo-location solution. The deployment integrates the end to end solution components with customized APIs for centralized data analytics and business intelligence based outcomes. The challenging elements of structed cabling on a brown field Airport environment is been addressed with top class deployment process. Customized mounting brackets and Access points and antenna covers enabled the solution to meet the aesthetic requirements for all end point devices.

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Commercial Boulevard

Commercial Boulevard Development (CBD BP-18A) Lusail – Qatar

Design and Build of LAN, Wi-Fi and Security network with high speed services for 18 Commercial buildings which offers secured and faster multi tenancy network which provides separate IP path for different systems. The Major solution Components involves Cisco ICT components and Fortinet's Security Solutions.

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Melco Crown

ICT Design and Deployment for Melco Crown Entertainment – Cyprus

Design and Deployment of a large Casino and Resort of Melco Crown in Cyprus (ICR) which includes Automation based software defined infrastructure with top of the class Data centers solutions to run time sensitive gaming and other applications. Project involved one large Casino, Resort and multiple Satellite Casinos across Cyprus. The Major solution components included Cisco and Ansible Automation designed and deployed to accommodate multi tenancy and redundancy.

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Hamad Airport RTBF (Remote Terminal Baggage Facility) – Qatar

Design and Deployment of complete ICT solution (LAN, Wi-Fi, IP Telephony, Cyber Security, MS, Intelligent Structured Cabling and other related Solutions) for the Hamad Airport Expansion package (PCK-14) which is to handle Remote Terminal Baggage Facility of Hamad Airport. Solution is built on Cisco ICT components, Panduit’s' intelligent structured cabling and many more supporting components.

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Lusail Plaza
ICT Solution

Lusail Plaza ICT Solution – Qatar

Design and Build of complete ICT (LAN, Cyber Security, NMS, Servers and other related components) for the tallest and iconic buildings in Qatar. Solution comprise of cutting edge Cisco LAN components power by Fortinet's security solution. This is one of the iconic buildings in Qatar which shall be occupied and used by Niche client base who shall use the ICT infrastructure for faster data communications for their systems.

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HIA Hanger Wi-Fi
6 Solution

Hamad Airport Hanger Wi-Fi 6 Solution

Design and build the industry’s top class Wi-Fi solution for Hamad airport maintenance area (hanger) to ensure 100% coverage across the location (inside and outside aircrafts too) which enables end to connectivity resulting in faster and automated workflow increasing productivity of the overall aircraft maintenance process. The major solution components includes Cisco Wi-Fi 6, Panduit structured cabling, accustomed and unique in house Mobile kits to boost the signal inside the aircraft during maintenance. The mobile kits are designed and supplied by Espina for this project with a customer specific customized approach which exactly fits into the business productivity enhancement requirements

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